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Juice Ceilidh Band: Bernie KilBride (Fiddle), Imogen O'Rourke (Flute),


Danny KilBride (Guitar)

Danny KilBride

Original band member Danny started as a teenager back in the 80s playing Bass Guitar in his parents’ Ceilidh band Juice of Barley, whilst simultaneously moonlighting with brother bernie in their punk rock band. Over the many years since Danny has become a well-known and highly respected musician, playing in Jazz, Funk, Roots and Fusion bands throughout South Wales.

Danny’s diverse range of musical influences and considerable musical abilities provide Juice’s unique chordal and rhythmical heart.

Bernie KilBride (Fiddle)

Bernie KilBride

After a similar failed attempt at being a punk rocker in his late teens, Bernie also became embroiled in the family Ceilidh bandi, originally playing guitar and later the fiddle. He describes his upbringing as being "all folked up". Bernie and Danny eventually changed the name of the family band to Juice when their parents retired, following which Bernie became the band’s melodic master.

Bernie is also a well-known traditional musician with many bands, recordings, festivals and media appearances to his name.

Imogen O'Rourke (Flute)

Imogen O’Rourke

Since graduating from Dartington College of Arts with a music degree in 1998, Imo has found herself caught up in a whirlwind of wonderful flute-related adventures. Imo spent a year travelling all over Portugal with traditional Irish band the Wingers, hurtled like an asteroid into Firebrand on her return to UK, and was subsequently poached by Celtish and latterly Cats Claw some years later. She eventually meandered into Juice, leaving a trail of other bands smoking in her wake. Imo is considered one of the finest silver flute players in traditional music today, and is Juice’s melodic mistress.

Dean Ryan (Bass)

Dean Ryan

Schoolfriend Dean hails from the same punk band way back in the 80s, and was also dragged screaming and kicking into traditional music by the Brothers grim. Dean is the band’s steadying influence, both in terms of its rhythmical backbone, and also in personnel management. When not plucking the long strings Dean is also an accomplished classical guitarist.

Band personnel may change from time to time due to availability